20 Apr 2012

Bee Gee Star Robin Gibb Defies All Odds And Awakes From Coma

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Much to the shock and delight of his family and doctors, the Bee Gee star Robin Gibb has woken from a coma after doctors had warned his family that he was ‘in God’s hands now’.

The star, who had been in a coma for twelve days, had previously been given only a 10 per cent chance of survival from doctors, who had even suggested that his family start preparing for his passing.

The musician has been known to be critically ill for some time now, having been diagnosed as suffering from colorectal cancer. However, the musician took a turn for the worse after contracting pneumonia which resulted in what was believed to be a coma from which he would never awake.

Clearly shocked and overjoyed, the 62 year old singer’s wife spoke to the press of her joy and how the star came to beat the coma that no-one thought he would overcome. His wife, Dwina Gibb, talked of how the Bee Gee singer’s family had kept a constant vigil by his side and had been playing his favourite music when the singer finally awoke.

Speaking on when his father woke up, Robin-John, the singer’s son said ‘…the first thing he said to me was ‘Hi R-J, can you tell them my back hurts?’…they gave him an under 10% survival chance and he has beaten the odds…he really is something else.’

The remarkable recovery of the brave star is a testament to his extraordinary strength, and here at the UK Top 40 office we can only hope that it is a sign of positive things to come for the much-loved singer.

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