25 Aug 2011

Sir Elton Speaks Volumes on BBC2

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Sir Elton John informed the BBC that now is the ideal time to bring back music TV allowing the British Public to view the UK’s Top 40. Top of the Pops (TOTPs), was the last music show featured on the BBC, it’s final show took place on July 30th 2006. TOTPs was first aired in 1964 and was a weekly compilation of the UK’s public most listened to songs, played live on TV.


Sir Elton believes music TV, such as TOTP would be a “great help for new artists” for the prospects of launching their career. As he recalls it helped him massively. After the cancellation of TOTPs, music shows were deemed old hat, however, with the sudden rise of interest within music throughout the youth groups, maybe a music show would no longer go amiss.


Sir Elton expressed his interest in reviving TOTP whilst being interviewed by BBC Radio 2’s presenter Bob Harris, as the BBC celebrated the 40th anniversary of “The Old Grey Whistle Test”.


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