21 Nov 2011

J-Lo Steals the Show at American Music Awards

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Jennifer Lopez wowed audiences at the latest American Music Awards, with her sexually-charged performance alongside rapper Pitbull. The 42-year-old mother danced across the stage in a flesh coloured cat suit that was encrusted with sequins, and pulled off seductive moves that would have challenged somebody half her age.


The Latino star performed with an energy and fieriness that pulled the house down – and it was reported that long after the star had left the stage, it was her performance that was still the main talking point of the evening.


However, J-Lo wasn’t the only female celeb to enjoy success that night, as the night definitely became one for the ladies! A whole host of other fierce females were recognized for their outstanding talents, with artists such as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé winning awards for their recent achievements. Adele, who has recently suffered from an unfortunate vocal injury that has left her unable to sing, finally had something to smile about as the night left her with three trophies.


Unfortunately, for the usually very talented Christina Aguilera the night wasn’t as much of a success. The ‘Dirty’ star came under fire on the night for her shabby performance, and there couldn’t have been a bigger contrast between her and the considerably more energetic J-Lo. Aguilera sported an unflattering white dress that didn’t do much to silence her critics, who have recently branded the star as looking ‘cheap’ and ‘trashy’.


J-Lo on the other hand seemed to enjoy every minute of the awards, and even appeared to well-up as she went to collect her award for ‘Favourite Latin Artist’. It’s ok J-Lo, if we were wearing a cat suit that tight, we’d probably be welling up too!

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