18 Jan 2012

Lizzy Grant Who? Lana Del Ray Rewrites Her Past To Achieve Stardom

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New kid on the block Lana Del Ray has become an overnight star, but with the recent revelations concerning her ‘plain Jane’ past the singer has come under fire from fans and music critics who have branded the star a ‘fake’. So who is Lana Del Ray? And what happened to failed singer Lizzy Grant, the conventional pop singer before the dramatic name change and online success?

Initially, when singer Lana Del Ray first burst onto the music scene with her sultry tones and unusual styling as a ‘gangster Nancy Sinatra’, audiences everywhere instantly warmed to her haunting voice and bee stung lips, convinced that an underground artist with an authentic sound had staggered out into the light of mainstream music. This was largely the result of online hit ‘Video Games’ which went viral, receiving over 20 million hits on YouTube and attracting the attention of music fans worldwide.

So what went wrong? Throughout the course of recent weeks Lana Del Ray has since experienced a backlash of large proportions from the public, who since hearing of the songstress’s past have expressed feelings of betrayal.

With Del Ray’s portrayal as a ‘struggling’ singer being revealed as nothing more than a carefully contrived image set up by the singer’s management team, along with her name, which is in fact Lizzy Grant and not the more glamorous Lana Del Ray, fans seem to have spectacularly turned on the singer and branded her a ‘fake’.

Regardless of whether her name is Lizzy or Lana, one thing that music critics have been unable to criticise is her undeniably amazing voice! To decide how you feel about Lana Del Ray, why not listen to her debut album ‘Born To Die’?

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