27 Jul 2011

Paramore’s New Tracks

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Hayley Williams recently revealed that her band, Paramore, have written four brand new and brilliant tracks for their new album. The singer explained: “We have written four new songs and they are quite diverse. There are some heavier songs, but there’s also one that we plan to play live soon that is called ‘In the Morning Mess’.”

Having spoken to Spanish website, Rockzone, Hayley told them on the subject of ‘Monster’: “I can’t really say that ‘Monster’ is an indication of what to expect on the next Paramore album. We, as a band, will always try to evolve and try new things. It will be different for sure, but it will still keep Paramore’s essence.”

Hayley also confirmed that Paramore would persist as herself, bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York for the conceivable future and that they were not looking for replacements for the Farro brothers, who left the band last year in December. She said: “We are not in the process of looking out for new members right now. The band is Jeremy, Taylor and I. We don’t spend too much time thinking about how Paramore will be in the future. It’s hard when you go through a period of changing members so what we want to do right now is play great songs.”

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