24 Jun 2012

Pop Princess Katy Perry Shows She’s Made Of Stern Stuff In New Movie

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It’s been the question on everybody’s lips since pop singer Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brand announced that they were getting divorced after only 14 months of marriage – who exactly was to blame for their split?
Katy Perry’s new documentary ‘Katy Perry: Part Of Me’ may have been portrayed as just another concert movie, but audiences have been stunned by the ‘warts and all’ depiction of the star’s breakdown of her marriage in the movie.
Since the shock split between both Russell and Katy, the celebrity pair has remained tight-lipped on the exact cause behind their divorce – until the documentary. In the beautiful songstress’s big screen hit Russell is frequently shown in the beginning of the documentary and the newlyweds appear very much in love. However, as the documentary progresses fans watch as Russell features less and less in the footage and a very lonely Katy begins to break down – with some scenes even showing the star to break-down in fits of sobbing.
Despite the unusually honest portrayal of the celebrity’s life, which fans are not used to seeing from a well-known star, Katy insists that she was more than happy to show her fans her more vulnerable side.
Talking frankly about her decision to include more painful moments from her private life in the movie, Katy told a magazine the following:
“I think sometimes, when you eat the dirt a little bit, it builds character… I’m OK with being humbled, even the hard way sometimes, and I don’t like to paint the perfect picture. I like to be able to show everything and make sure that people see that they too don’t have to be absolutely problem-free and perfect in order to get where they want to go.”
The documentary may not provide all of the answers as to why the couple choose to part ways, but one thing that it does show, is that nothing will keep this feisty female down for long.

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